Sunday, May 31, 2009

My daddy's 53th birthday

It is on last 9th May, we decided to give a surprise birthday party to our daddy(10May). So we brought him for a dinner at the New Horizon@The Garden. This idea is actually comes from my mum. So, after Isya', all of us went out to have our great dinner.

Here's some pictures snapped at that nite. Above is my dad- try to practice his skills. Very talented right? haha...That's why I chose him as my father. [eh, blh ek anak pilih ayah?]
Our 'super hero' is passing the rice to my sister.
Pic below: My hubby and I try to control our face [muke yg kekenyang]
All of us are female. (My sisters, mum and I). Hello2....where are men have been?
From left: KakCik, Nadia, Mak, Me, Anim, Deq In

After we finished our dinner, we went to Pasar Borong Wakaf Che Yeh to buy some fruits and vegetables, because we will cook our favorite food (nasi kerabu) at the morning after.

We arrived at home lately on that night. it's around 12a.m. So we wait for a momont to wish a happy 53th birthday to daddy. Selamat hari ulang tahun kelahiran ayah...Semoga ayah dipanjangkan umur, sentiasa murahkan rezeki dan di dalam rahmat dan kasih sayang Nya selalu. Kami saaaayang ayah. Mmmmmuuuuuuaaaahhhh!!!!! Then, my dad was very exited to open his presents. "Can't wait until tomorrow la", he said. Hahaha. My hubby and I give him a reflexology mechine and you guys know what, my dad have to share his present with mummy because 10 May was mother's day. Huhu...cian ayah, takpe la...Share2 best ckit kan?betul x ayah? (^_*) [try to memujuk ayah, padahal si anak ni nak save buget la konon2nye....punyela kedekut ek?]

The 1st entry

This blog have been created to write up my life journey with my hubby, families and friends. And hopefully I will have time to add some post that can bring us to be a good Muslim. Let's share our sweet memories and time we have gather together here (^_^)
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